Promoters and Boxers

Promoters from 2016

For a list of licensed and sanctioned promoters, or to confirm whether a promoter is licensed contact

  1. Big Time Boxing Promotions
  2. Skipper Promotion
  3. Main Events Promotions
  4. Solid Rock Promotions
  5. Team Boxing Promotions
  6. Exclusive Mile Afro Entertainment
  7. Bigger Than Life Entertainment (Las Vegas)
  8. Osaga Promotions
  9. Juan Luckey – KO Warrior Stable, Philippines

Professional Boxers in Kenya

We have more than 30 sanctioned and licensed professional boxers in Kenya. Nine of them are women.

Contact to verify boxer clearance status

Title holders (since 2016)

  1. Fatuma Zarika – WBC Featherweight title
  2. Daniel Wanyonyi – ABU Africa Super-Middleweight title
  3. Bena Kaloki – WBO Super-Lightweight
  4. James Onyango – Commonwealth Africa title
  5. Nick Otieno (Superflywight, WBA PanAfrican Champion)
  6. Michael Shaka – East and Central Africa featherweight title
  7. Francis Kimani – WPBF featherweight title
  8. Morriss Okello – National Heavyweight champion
  9. Sarah Achieng’- UBO Lightweight title

Professional Boxers List since 2016

  1. Nick Otieno (Superflyweight, WBA PanAfrican Champion) 31-11
  2. Francis Kimani (Super-Featherweight, BPF Champ) 7-3
  3. James Onyango (Welterweight, Common Wealth Africa Champ) 22-11
  4. Fred Nyakesa (Light-Heavyweight, Kenya Champ) 6-2
  5. Emilio Norfat (Bantam/Feather weight) 27-8
  6. Rayton Okwiri (Welterweight) 1-0
  7. Dennis Okoth (Welterweight) 1-0
  8. David Kiilu (Featherweight) 36-12
  9. Samuel Kamau (Lightweight) 13-6
  10. Twalib Mubiru (Bantamweight) 13-7
  11. Anderson Sifuna (Featherweight) 3-3
  12. Geoffrey Munika (Welterweight)
  13. Gabriel Ochieng’ (Bantamweight) 15-5
  14. Michael Nyawade  (Super-featherweight)14-3-2
  15. Samson John Ataro (Heavyweight) 3-1-1
  16. Obadiah Mwangi (Heavyweight) 4-7-1
  17. Idris Adhirig (Heavyweight) 3-2
  18. Morris Okolla (Heavyweight, National Champion) 9-2
  19. Daniel Wanyonyi (Super-Middleweight, ABU Champ) 23-10-2
  20. Michael ‘Hurricane’ Odhiambo (Lightweight) 13-7
  21. Njoroge Omar Githuku


  1. Fatuma Zarika (Featherweight, WBC world Title) 28-12-2
  2. Bena Kaloki – (Super-Lightweight WBO)
  3. Sarah Achieng'(Lightweight) 11-2
  4. Judy Nyaguthi (Featherweight) 14-7-3
  5. Florence Muthoni (Light-welterweight) 11-5-2
  6. Consolata Musanga (Lightweight) 3-1
  7. Rukia Nasarita (Super-Featherweight) 6-8-6
  8. Caroline Oronja (Super-bantamweight) 2-5

Other Officials

The Kenya Professional Boxing Commission has other officials spread all over the country supporting an array of roles including County level officials, Female boxing Officials, Medical, Ring Officials, Matchmakers, Referees, Judges, Supervisors, Managers, Administrative and Logistics etc.

For enquiries and/or confirmation regarding the status of any official contact

KPBC will not be liable for any loss, damages or otherwise incurred by members of the public and stakeholders who engage with an official who is not licensed by KPBC. It is advisable to confirm with KPBC through the email shared above to avoid any inconveniences.

Who we are.

Core Values


Ensure transparency in management of funds, sponsorship and commissions day to day activities.


Support Kenyan boxers to excel and win medals in local and international competions.


Care about the wellbeing of Kenyan professional boxers to live a sustainable life.


Create a favorable atmosphere for training, and development of professional boxers in Kenya.


Enrich cordial relationship between the commission and coaches, match officials, supporters and our partners.

Our Services

  • Management of professional boxers in Kenya
  • Training and accreditation of coaches and match officials in Kenya
  • Sanctioning fights and other boxing related activities
  • Providing technical and advisory support to promoters, managers, sponsors and boxers
  • Management and regulation of promoters and managers in Kenya
  • Identifying and bring on board partners and sponsors
  • Setting up as well as maintaining existing professional boxing facilities
  • Organizing and conducting tournaments, both local and international
  • Dispute resolution between boxing stakeholders

Kenya Professional Boxing Commission was founded in 1983 and is affiliated to the Kenya National Sports Council (KNSC). KPBC is recognized as the sole body that controls and regulates professional boxing in Kenya. The KPBC secretariat is at the Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi.

Our Mission

To promote and develop professional boxing through effective management and strong leadership.

Our Vision

To be highly regarded as a responsible, progressive and ethical commission committed to the expansion of professional boxing in Kenya.

Our Organogram

Our Organogram

Comments from the team .

“We are transforming professional boxing in Kenya one county at a time”

Hilary Alila
Hilary AlilaKPBC - Chairman

As the new secretary general of Kenya Professional Boxing Commission. I will strive to improve all the areas and see into it that rules and regulations of KPBC are adhered to. There will be no short cuts.lets pull to one direction as all the stakeholders and we shall have world champions. God bless KPBC

Franklin Imbezi
Franklin ImbeziSecretary General - KPBC